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Minimus Formula for Cost Savings

Minimus Servers offers unmatched value. The vanity-free, immersion ready servers can cut hardware costs by up to 60% compared to equivalent OEM offerings. Here’s what makes the savings possible.


Select Only Features You Need

Server OEM’s design servers to appeal to wide range of customers, requiring a wide range of features that you may or may not need but still have to pay for. Here are just a few common examples:

  • Why add 16 memory DIMM slots when only 8 are necessary for your application?
  • Why buy hot swappable hard drives and if you don’t need them?
  • Why buy an architecture for redundant power supplies if you don’t need them?
  • If the servers are in an enclosed rack, why do you even need a lid? Or even a power button?
  • With ultra-efficient rack based cooling from Green Revolution Cooling, why include fans?
  • Without fans, why not decrease the size of the power supply to match the smaller load?

Start Fresh – with only your needs in mind

Rather than try to make a server offering fit the whole market, Minimus starts with the basics and builds a server for your needs. Component-by-component, servers are built for your application, working with only premium components, and proven combinations of components. The result is a server that is more reliable and tuned for your exact application.

Minimus brings your application with the same hardware economics available to google, facebook, and others giants building custom servers. Happy computing!


The above picture depicts the useful vs. redundant components in a typical OEM server. 


Basic Dual Processor comparison - Minimus Servers vs. Dell R430, Save 67% off list price and 50% off web price


High end Dual Processor Workhorse comparison - Minimus Servers vs. Dell R430, Save 60% off list price and 40% off web price

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Even More Benefits of Minimus

Industry Leading Server Reliability


With thousands of servers already deployed, the Minimus has proven to be one of the most reliable servers on the market.
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Unmatched Efficiency

Minimus Energy Efficiency10% lower server power coupled with ultra-efficient cooling (mPUE=1.03), results in the most efficient data centers in the world.
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