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Server Reliability

Proven Performance

With thousands of Minimus Servers already deployed and performing reliably, the Minimus platform has proven to be one of the most dependable servers on the market. Annual failure rates are well below 1%, even under extraordinary workloads. Here’s what makes Minimus Servers more reliable:

Case Study: Hardware Reliability


High Quality Components

Each Minimus Server is built using only the highest quality server-grade components, from brands such as Intel, Supermicro, Gigabyte, Samsung, and more.


Even Thermal Environment

Green Revolution Cooling’s CarnotJet solution, through its ultra-efficient cooling system, maintains lower surface temperatures throughout the servers with a difference of only +/- 3˚C across any two points in the entire rack. The lower temperatures, along with the elimination of hot spots, is known to improve server life and performance.

Fewer Points of Failure

The removal of unnecessary parts, including fans, simplifies the server and, as a result, reduces its points of failure. The absence of fans also reduces vibrations that are known to cause reseat errors and drive failures.

Protection From Dust and Oxidation

Green Revolution Cooling’s CarnotJet system protects servers from dust, moisture, and oxidation, all of which are known to be among the leading causes of failure in IT equipment.


Want to learn more about hardware reliability?

Download the case study showing hardware failure data from 2,000+ nodes, collected over a span of one year. 

Case Study: Hardware Reliability


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