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After many years of working in some of the most innovative data centers in the world, a team of engineers at Green Revolution Cooling wondered why rackmount servers were being sold so far above their intrinsic value.

Why were users paying for components and features that they didn’t need?

Shouldn’t users have the freedom to delete costly components that they didn’t require?

The major internet companies were already doing this. Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft and others were famously dumping traditional server manufacturers and replacing them with component manufacturers who helped them develop stripped-down, customized servers assembled to meet their computing needs.

Why wasn’t this same type of customization available to the wider market of users?

Wouldn’t users who were not coming from $100B organizations also be interested in these enormous cost savings?

The Green Revolution Cooling team saw that this level of customization wasn’t really an option for most companies and institutions. There were some innovative cloud hosting companies and HPC centers customizing servers to an extent, but they were stopping short of full customization in favor of off-the-shelf designs from smaller, more agile server manufacturers with thinner margins.

This was a good start, but the Green Revolution Cooling team saw that much more optimization would be possible. Google, Facebook, and others were getting so granular with their server designs because they had hundreds of world-class engineers proving out designs for the acquisition of hundreds of thousands of units per year.

What if there was a way to bring this level of customization to smaller organizations?

What if there was an enabling technology that could eliminate any fear of mechanical IT failure?

The key would be the use of Green Revolution Cooling’s liquid cooling technology: an integrated package of rack-level cooling and power distribution that effectively removed the thermal limitations from any custom server design and therefore allowed the use of minimalist servers with no costly, extraneous parts.

Thus, with the pilot launch of 2,200 customized, commoditized servers in 2015, the Minimus Server Platform was born.

Today, the Minimus Server Platform has been made available to selected customers for the first time. This website ( allows you to configure a server to your exact specifications and to receive an instant price quote — without providing even an email address.

The mission of Minimus Servers is to provide a new and transparent method of deploying customized servers with integrated rack-level power and cooling. There is no price obscurity, no deep discounting, no artificial price confusion — just premium quality customized servers delivered to your data center in a fully integrated rack and ready to turn on.

Nine times out of ten, the servers will be cheaper than competitive offerings from major manufacturers, and the cooling and power distribution system is typically paid directly from energy savings — similar to a solar panel deployment. With state-of-the-art energy efficiency (PUE of <1.05), the integrated rack-level cooling and power distribution enables a block-by-block deployment schedule that allows you to add capacity just as fast as you need it.

A new era of hyperscale computing requires a new operating philosophy for server acquisition. Our philosophy is that pricing should be 100% transparent and that you should always pay for exactly what you need, and nothing you don’t. We look forward to the road ahead.

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Minimus Servers Team.

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